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Too many cases, too much procedure, and not enough help to going around. 


With our rapidly expanding aging population, and Brexit ever present, we see Britain facing a decreasing pool of care staff, with an increasing reluctance for people wanting to move into care homes. We understand that residents who need care want to be able to keep their independence, self-worth and home, without the need for moving into an overcrowded retirement home. 


We first discovered the need for our service when one of our creators had to face a difficult decision in putting a loved one into a care home due to this individual having a recent stroke. However, our creator wanted to aid their loved one’s independence, instead of removing it; thus, creating Omni-Butler Care Assistance. Since then, we strive to keep families and care workers connected to their loved ones, whilst ensuring the resident can keep their independence. 


With over 10 years collected experience within tailored smart home installations, we have been providing bespoke care assisted homes for the UK, based in Glasgow. We believe that with technology integration, we can improve the lives of those who deserve it the most. 

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