Why should you incorporate Omni-Assists Services into your Care Service?

Our system has been designed around the needs of an individual receiving care in their own home. Mobile carers have a unique set of challenges when compared to those that work in a retirement home; they are responsible for looking after multiple vulnerable individuals, ensuring that they take their medication, are fed, dressed and washed each day. 

Our system is designed to complement a mobile carer by empowering those in care to do many tasks without the direct help of a carer. We have found that this reduces the workload of the carer and helps to reduce any feelings of dependency the person in care may hold. 

Let's keep families & carers connected

Keep families connected
Add value through better care
Differentiate from your competitors

Our system allows carers to immediately contact those under their care without the use of a phone. This can be used to do routine check-ups. Check-up calls can also be conferenced to give piece of mind to the family of the individual in care. 

Both the family and management staff can be alerted when the carer arrives and leaves, so that both parties know that the carer has carried out their job in its entirety. Having carers comings and goings monitored is a great way for your company to ensure a high level of care and a way of ensuring your clients that their loved ones are receiving the best care for their money. 


Our system can also detect a fall or other mis-happenings, immediately notifying the carer. This keeps the carer in greater contact with those under their care, allowing them to provide better care.

Increase your employees effectiveness

With our system installed, a person in care can control their room with a greater degree of safety. Their lights and heating can be controlled without the individual in care ever needing to get out of their seat, whilst shopping can even be ordered to the door directly from any room using their voice alone. 


Carers often go shopping on behalf of those in their care, consuming a large portion of a carer’s limited time. All of these non-invasive additions to a resident’s home with our system can add up to give the person in care a greater feeling of independence, whilst at the same time, reducing the amount of work a mobile carer needs to do away from the individual. Instead, this reduced workload increases the quality time the carer can spend with that resident.

Beat loneliness

One of the major benefits of having our system installed is that it allows those in your care to remain connected with the wider world without the learning curve of a computer. Using AI, the person in care can use the system to communicate with others and can even have the news read out to them.

If a carer has two or more people in care with mutual interests, the carer can effortlessly link the two systems together. This has been used to great effect to help those that live alone to communicate with other like-minded individuals. This builds friendships and is an excellent way to alleviate the loneliness felt by thousands of elderly people that have no one to visit them. When described as a modern-day pen pal, it’s something many people really look forward to using.

Client retention

Aside from other mobile care companies, one of the main competitors to mobile care is residential care homes. Our system enables a person in care to enjoy living in their home for several years longer than they otherwise would have been able to. 


This is beneficial for all parties, as the clients are happy to have a loved one still living in their home, the family has more time to better financially prepare themselves for the cost of full time residential care and your company can hold onto their clients for a several extra years. In addition, and most importantly of all, the person receiving care gets to enjoy an enhanced quality of life right from their home.

We give you an edge over your competitors

By incorporating our system into your care program, you will be able to provide these unique additional care services over your competitors, showcasing your business to potential clients that your company is confident in the standard of work your carers provide.


This gives your company a huge competitive edge as clients can really appreciate the obvious benefits of assisted living complimented by our smart assistance systems. We strongly believe that our product is a no brainer, saving both carers work and clients’ money in the long run whilst increasing client satisfaction.

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